Wednesday, July 20, 2011

in a Lower Cape secret garden

In a tucked away garden, beside an antique barn called "The Strawberry Patch" on The Olde King's Highway...


  1. Ooo! All those galvanized tins need lavender planted in them! I love secret gardens.

    About Ralphie....I am ONE bad t.v. watcher and
    have never seen that show LOL...I know. Or any of the others! Home Alone...that might be all.
    Avon! Cool! I had an aunt and uncle who gave me Avon. Well those aren't the only one who didn't use them, huh! I had the hamburger lip gloss :)

  2. LOVE all these garden treasures...Are those coldframes mounted on the wall?? Brilliant idea! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. Love this secret garden...
    Monica xo

  4. Oh my gosh..treasures..Love the Cape~