Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dexter Grist Mill, Sandwich - Cape Cod

Having lived on Cape Cod for now over two decades, I finally feel "rooted" here. However, when I was a child growing up in a Boston suburb, I dreamed of living here one day. My mother recently showed me an old family photo of her holding me as a baby, here on this very spot:

These gorgeous photos I've posted here were not taken by me, though I have given them all the proper credit. In particular, I've been a follower of PapaDunes on flickr for quite sometime. He truly captures the beauty and essence of Cape Cod. Please click on his link and view his fabulous photos (hint: have a cup of coffee or tea ready, because you will find yourself looking at his photos for a long time)!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifty Finds - Little Porcelain Dishes

Who can resist the urge to buy a little trinket whenever they enter a thrift shop? When you're on holiday, and you spot a thrift store, you can't always carry around a stack of old books, or a lovely old Victorian trunk (I had to do that once... big sigh)! But little old dishes, especially with a well-loved blemish or two, are most often affordable and become little souvenirs!

Milkglass, such as this little hobnail cutie, are often found for a few dollars at most (very often, you can find milkglass at garage sales for 50¢)!

This chippy antique flow blue bone dish is a great place to store your beachcombing finds and other little random treasures. This dish holds little oyster shells from a local beach, a vintage rhinestone "L" brooch, some mica I found on a family vacation in the mountains, and a fun old piece of beach glass I found with a complete letter "G" (no doubt part of an old medicinal bottle from back in the day).

I also love using old chippy china as soap dishes! These old bone dishes are especially perfect for setting next to an oval or round shaped sink.

I flipped over my bonedish to reveal this fabulous backstamp. This has gorgeous flow to the blue as well. Then I thought how fun would it be to use it as digital image for collage work, tags, journals...

What do you use your little old chippy dishes for?