Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dexter Grist Mill, Sandwich - Cape Cod

Having lived on Cape Cod for now over two decades, I finally feel "rooted" here. However, when I was a child growing up in a Boston suburb, I dreamed of living here one day. My mother recently showed me an old family photo of her holding me as a baby, here on this very spot:

These gorgeous photos I've posted here were not taken by me, though I have given them all the proper credit. In particular, I've been a follower of PapaDunes on flickr for quite sometime. He truly captures the beauty and essence of Cape Cod. Please click on his link and view his fabulous photos (hint: have a cup of coffee or tea ready, because you will find yourself looking at his photos for a long time)!


  1. I love gristmills!!!
    In the Smoky Mountains there are some working mills and we buy the cornmeal to bring home.
    I see why you wanted to live there! Yes, I'd say you have established your roots :)

  2. I've been in Sandwich but didn't visit this beautiful place! I just stopped at the antique store ;) Next time I'll be sure to visit! It's wonderful.

  3. Beautiful...and its good to have roots. :)

    I once made a patchwork quilt with some fabulous primitive fabrics from the US. The prints included adorable little figures and also Grist Mills. At the time (being from the UK), I had no idea what they were, but loved the romance of the country style.


  4. This is a lovely place. I went to Boston, but never to Cape Cod.H ave a lovely week end Catherine