Thursday, March 1, 2012

repurposing little bits and scraps

While tidying up my vintage scraps, laces and trims, I decided some pieces were the perfect size for little needle cases. I set out to work this morning and created two little cuties for my etsy shop.

Little projects such as these are a fabulous way to use up the leftover special vintage and antique linens (which otherwise you'd feel guilty tossing). Actually, many needlecases and pincushions of long ago were also made of vintage scraps back then as well.

Four black felt pages inside each case should be plenty to store a seamstress's needles and pins. (They are both currently listed in my shop.)

While I had out my camera... and while I had out some of my favorite trims... I just couldn't help but snap a quick photo of these laces! ;)
Happy Thursday!


  1. Oooh fantastic! These are little treasures for sure!

  2. Beautiful needle cases, and so unique! Hope you can make it to the White Elephant shops someday, too!

  3. All so beautiful and useful too!

    Yes! One day or seven, I will have you here and we will eat and party in the woods with our cameras in tow...and maybe our kiddos :)