Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cape Cod Bay in the Spring

What a GORGEOUS day we had today... this sunny Spring day felt more like summer!

When I visited this bayside beach today, I was greeted by some sidewalk-chalk art! Someone (or some people) must have used several boxes of chalk to create this huge spring masterpiece in the parking lot.

It's hard to tell from my photos, but it spelled out "We Love Spring"!

And the gulls love this spring weather, too!

I swoon whenever I see beautiful cedar-clad beach houses like these.

It was nice having the beach to myself for a short time, because before you know it the summer visitors will return and this place will be hoppin'!

If you had a dollar for every street name that started with the word "CAPT" on Cape Cod, you'd be very rich indeed! Happy Friday!


  1. I would never go in the house if I had those beaches!!
    My boys wouldn't either! Do you kids beg to go out there
    all the time, or do they get their fill?
    I like the cedar houses too...a lot!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful cape with us all. I can't wait to get down there this season & shop 6A! :) chris

  3. What a beautiful day & beautiful pics to show for it! Makes me yearn to visit the Cape & all those Capt. streets. :)

  4. Beautiful collection of photos celebrating the arrival of spring

  5. Happy Spring! Your photos are wonderful!

  6. Happy Spring! i love the colour of your sky! you're lucky!

  7. What fabulous photos! I think I told you that I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod. It is so lovely and scenic. And how nice to have the beach all to yourself!! I could get used to that!

    Thanks for nice to escape from the wedding craziness for a few minutes!!

  8. Beautiful blog, found you through White Wednesday, my daughter lives on the cape part of the year, Harwich, I love the cape,