Monday, March 19, 2012

Olde Cape Cod

It's such fun transforming my photos of Cape Cod into sepia tone prints... much like the old postcards of long ago!
A bayside beach on a hot sunny day.

The Cape Cinema in Dennis, Ma.
Another bayside beach at suppertime (when everyone has gone for their fish and chips)!

The beach buoys. ;)
Happy Monday!


  1. The beach looks like it might be my old beach on Bayview Rd. in Dennis. Wonderful photos.

  2. I love sepia on photos! Your pics are fabulous, and look perfectly like 'ye olde Cape'.

  3. Love the old bicycle - I'm looking for an old shop advertising bike for a friend, who wants to display it in her cottage garden with flowers tumbling from the baskets.

    Gorgeous beach buoys! :)
    Niki x