Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sunshiney yellow

I'm really pushing SPRING with this post, as we don't even have any dandelions in the yard yet... so I've taken some yellow photos from my personal archives to show you! ;)

This golden-yellow codfish (or "Cape" cod.... pun-pun!) is in the window of the Brewster General Store, along with the other wonderful treasures which are always in their front windows.

The Crosby Mansion is also in Brewster... one of my favorite antique buildings to photograph (it's painted in a lovely period butter-yellow color).

Forsythia which will be open any day now.

Creamy lemony iris will be out before too long.

I found a sweet ivory painted tin heart at the craft store yesterday... I just had to buy it! When I took it home, I added a length of antique yellow velvet trim and a vintage silk millinery sprig. Voila! I photographed it on an antique yellow painted dresser which I've had my entire life (literally! it was an antique dresser my parents bought for my nursery when I was a baby)!

I also whipped up some vintage bottle stopper paperweights with my antique velvet stash... this one used a stunning yellow glass stopper (I have several of them listed in my etsy shop).
What sunshiney yellow things do you have that make you happy?


  1. What a wonderful, cheery post! Love the heart you treated yourself to!

  2. I'm usually not a yellow fan, but I love what I see here! Wow, I'll need to visit that Brewster mansion. And how special that you still have your dresser from babyhood. :)

  3. A very cheerful colour. We just start to have daffodils here. Nice to see some lovely flowers.