Sunday, November 6, 2011

sharing Victorian photographs

One of my most favorite past-times is collecting antique photographs. I've sold many of them in my etsy shops over the years. I find the clothing and hairstyles particularly charming.

I also wonder about the lives the people in these photographs led. What did they look like when they aged. Did they marry and have children.

Did friends remain friends. Did some of them move far away from their own families.

Do copies of some of these photographs remain with their original families. What was the occasion why so many people were smiling.

Feel free to use these five images which are copies of photos I've once personally owned. If you use them in your own artwork, please leave me a link so I can see what you've done with them.
Thank you! ;)


  1. Nice old photos!
    I want to know how they raised children without
    Wal-mart? Keeping food in the house when you
    couldn't quickly grab someting...hard times.
    They sure were dressed nice though!

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos, I love the group of 4 siblings.
    I am so glad you popped by my blog earlier, now I can find you again! Couldn't find an email addy for you though.

  3. Hi there! Your blogsite caught my eye when I was leaving a comment on Fiona and Twig's blogsite! I LOVE LOVE and MISS the Cape soooo much! Also grew up in the "burbs" of Boston, went to college {the 1st time} IN Boston. Lived on the North shore {still love CC best) Worked in Harwichport as a teen. And finally, after about 20 years went back for a visit. My cousin now living in Dennis. Now in Atlanta area {feels like another country}I will always have a heart for Cape Cod!

  4. whoops...I was so happy to find your blog that I forgot to mention about your wonderful vintage photos! I was "blessed" (?) with a family that kept EVERY THING! esp. photos. I'm now going over and restoring 100 year (+) old photos of my family. It's a real treat for me to "see" people that I had only "heard" about. Others, it is a wonderful window into their personalities of those that I did get to meet as a small child. I post them on my blog from time to time too. It was a special time back then. Wonder what they'll think of us in 100 years?

  5. bon soir mon amaie!!! you're'! you're back! i;ve missed you. truly! merci for stopping in and leaving a comment. i am happy to be your newest follower! :) and how is your jewelry business? your family?? soo much catch up on!

  6. I've stumbled across your blog - serendipity, I feel - by following links from my friend's blogs. What beautiful photos of a stunning place!

    Cape Cod has always seemed to be a romantic place - I would love to visit sometime, but I doubt I ever will! I feel I would be a different person if I lived there!!!

    I will follow your blog with interest.

  7. What wonderful photos - I ask all the same questions, too! There is a Brisith series, called 'Who do you think you are?' which takes celebrities back through their family tree to follow a particular point of interest. The family photos really come to life when a geaneologist traces the history of the individuals!

    Thanks for your comments - lovely to find you back in the blogging world!