Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Treasure Keepers

I have a definite penchant for handmade treasure boxes!

Whether they are truly vintage (such as the seashell star box from France), or newly-made to look vintage... I love them all.

I've been fortunate to purchase (and also win) some gorgeously handcrafted boxes from people in blogland and etsy over the years. These delicate boxes become the perfect place to store all your vintage treasures and crafting supplies.

One box holds some of my vintage ephemera, including this amazing letter from the 1800's with fabulous blue ink handwriting.

This is a silverplate bowl, dated with a personalized inscription and the date "1886". I found it at Goodwill for only $15 (actually a high price for Goodwill, but very reasonable considering the bowl is in perfect condition and nearly 125 years old)!

This is one of the treasure boxes I made, using some millinery I purchased at Tinsel Trading in NYC.

What do you store your vintage treasures inside of?


  1. I remember when you found that incredible bowl!!
    Your crafted boxes are beautiful. Good idea too.
    I have some old tins w/graphics holding old jewelry pieces and lace.

  2. Wonderful boxes and I love your photographs of them too!
    I saw a tiny shell box at a charity shop yesterday, but didn't buy it!! WHY??!! I shall have to go back tomorrow and see if its still there!

    I keep some of my treasures in similar boxes to you...Most are French and covered in pretty fabrics.


  3. I wish we had "Goodwill" here! well, i store in boxes like you and i often go to the charity shop next to me, i have fun going there!See you soon! Catherine

  4. Hello there! I'm so glad you popped over my blog. It's nice to 'meet' a fellow local blogger. I love Cape Cod!
    Your treasure boxes here are beautiful, and wow - you really scored on that GW bowl.
    I'll be following. :)
    - Susan

  5. Your treasures boxes are very nice!

  6. The treasure keepers are treasures in themselves! Truly lovely to behold!

    I don't currently store any treasures vintage or otherwise, maybe I may start to....

    Sandie xx