Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stony Brook Grist Mill and Herring Run

 Springtime is a favorite time to visit the Stony Brook Grist Mill site and Herring Run in Brewster on Cape Cod!

This popular spot has been featured on my blogs before... and this time I surprisingly managed to visit when there were no seagulls (the herring weren't running at the time). 

I was able to take some sweet shots of this historic place, sans gulls! ;)

This site is a favorite of spring visitors... when children are off for their April vacation, this spot is packed with locals, tourists and their cars (the town often has to hire a policeman to control the resulting traffic jams during vacation week).

This is also a very popular site for wedding photos!


This tree reminds me of something from "Harry Potter"!  It's even more amazing once it has leaves (it's too early here on the Cape for tree leaves just yet).

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a lovely day it is and I can't think of a more perfect spot for a wedding!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful landscape and surrounding dear Louise!
    Love the old water mill!
    Popping in to wish you a very happy Easter celebration with your family today!
    xoxo~ Carola (who is still working on your may basket)

  3. Absolutely love the grist mill. We have an one about 10 miles north of us at one of the local springs. So cool. It doesn't work, but looks fabulous in photos. They turned the building into a cool restaurant with griddles at every table. A fun experience to be in a cafe, and cook your own food~~then go for a swim in the spring or canoe!
    Hugs to you with your son preparing to move out. It's awesome buy weird all at the same time!!
    Have a lovely weekend,